Monday, November 4, 2013

A Recipe for Punch, Chapter Archive

I've added the Chapter Archive for A Recipe for Punch to the right, top navigation column.  You'll be able to access chapter summaries there as well as links to chapters you may have missed.

Meanwhile, I'm adding the last thirty or so links and chapter summaries to the archive for Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square.  My usual habit had been to add the link and summary of each chapter the day it was posted, but the past year has been such a wild keruffle that I got off beat a bit.  That shouldn't happen with A Recipe for Punch.

So, if you've missed any of the first six chapters of A Recipe for Punch, you can get started there.

Or...if you want to start all over again (or, even for the first time_, you can get to know all of these characters from the very beginning with the first chapter of the first novel--Punch's Cousin.  There, you'll meet Julian when he was still Lord Fallbridge (and still Julian) and see him develop into Mr. Punch, fall in love with him as Robert does, get to know his horrid mother while she was still alive, and even read about some battles the duo have with Marie Laveau while they're in New Orleans in 1852.

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