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Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 398

Chapter 398

"Honey?"  Gamilla smiled as she returned to their new suite of rooms.

"In here, Love."  Gerard called out from the bed.  "Is young Colin asleep?"

"He is, the lamb.  How I missed him."  Gamilla nodded, sitting next to her husband.

"I think he missed you more.  He wasn't about to let go of you tonight."  Gerard answered.  "I know how he feels.  I never want to let you go."

"It was sweet how he done held on to my hand."  Gamilla sighed.  "And, did you see how big he's gotten?  We weren't gone for that long for him to grow so much."

"Babies have a habit of doin' that, Love."  Gerard chuckled.  "Besides, ya know Ethel fed him every time he opened his eyes."

"Oh, I'm sure of it.  She's been 'round Mrs. Pepper so long she's got the instinct to feed.  But, I'm so proud of her.  She took right to her new place and did a right good job of it, too."

"She's excited and so happy."  Gerard said.  "She told me earlier that she's never been so happy in her life as she is right now, and confessed that her favorite part of it all is that she's gonna be able to spend her days with you."

"Ain't that sweet?"  Gamilla cuddled against her husband.

"Sweet, yes, and practical.  You're gonna need 'er help all the more when our little one comes."

"That's not gonna be for awhile, Honey."  Gamilla chuckled.

"It'll be before ya know it."  Gerard teased.  "Ain't it somethin'?  We're gonna be Papa and Mama.  Imagine me a papa."

"You'll be a fine papa."  Gamilla said.

"Oh, I shall be.  I'm gonna make sure our little girl gets all she needs and dote on her like she's a princess.  Because she will be.  A beautiful little princess what looks just like 'er ma."

"A girl?"  Gamilla giggled.  "Ya think?"

"Sure."  Gerard nodded.  "I hope so."

"I'd think you'd want a boy.  Don't most men want sons?"

"Dunno.  I always dreamed o' havin' a daughter what I could give all me attention and fuss over."

"Hmmm..."  Gamilla tickled her husband.  "You're a love.  See, I been thinkin' it's a boy.  He'll grow up broad and strong like you and be a gentleman."

"Sure I don't want a boy to grow up like me.  I ain't much."

"You're the world to me, Honey."  Gamilla said.  "Ya know, it don't matter if it's a boy or girl, long as the baby is healthy and happy."

"And, sure it will be."

"Wonder if the little one will be dark or fair."  Gamilla inhaled.  "With you blond like you are, maybe he won't take on my features."

"Don't matter, though, I rather hoped she'd have your color."

"It'd be harder for him in life if he did."  Gamilla answered thoughtfully.  "Ours ain't a world that's easy for people like me."

"The world is changin'.  Even in America, folk are talkin' of freedom for your people."

"Not many."

"You were freed.  Marjani, too."

"Because His Grace intervened."  Gamilla answered.

"Don't you worry, Love.  Our child--boy or girl--is gonna have all the chances we never did.  I'd give my life to see any child of ours free and happy."

"I know you would, Gerry."  Gamilla nodded.

"What's more, His Grace and His Lordship, and Her Ladyship, too, they're gonna 'elp us.  With them lovin' our child, too, ain't nothin' she won't be able to do."

"Maybe he'll be a doctor like His Lordship."

"Or, she could be an artist like  His Grace."

Gamilla smiled.  "Listen to me.  Ain't like me to talk so.  No, no.  I'd be happy if he had a comfortable life in service like we got with some fine family.  Think of it, maybe he'll be a valet to Master Colin like you are to His Lordship."

"By the time our child is grown, Love, it'll be the 1870s.  Who knows what kind of world we'll have.  Times are changin'.  Our girl might be in business.  Maybe she'll be able to vote or even be an MP."

"You are a dreamer, Gerry."  Gamilla laughed.

"I am.  No harm in it.  I used to dream I'd find a home...a real home with folk what loved me. I got that.  I dreamt I'd find a way out of the sad life I had.  I did.  I dreamt that one day you'd love me and be my bride.  And, you do and are.  Dreamin' is a good thing."

"I reckon so."  Gamilla sighed.  "I never dared dream.  Seemed no way out."

"Yet, you got out.  And, now you can dream all you like.  You can dream for you and for us and for our baby."

"Just now, Gerry, I can't think of anything more I'd ever want.  I got you, we got a little one comin', we got a fine home and many friends.  We got His Grace and His Lordship and Miss Lennie who care for us.  If we stayed as we are forever, I'd like nothin' more."

"I'll do the dreamin' for both of us, then."  Gerard squeezed his wife.

"Right about now, you'd best close your eyes and dream for real.  We got an early start tomorrow and much to do, Honey.  We gotta get all Colin's things packed for the journey, and, ours, too.  So, you just go to sleep, now."

"Yes, Mrs. Gurney."  Gerard smiled.

"And, you just dream all the sweet things ya like."

"I always do when you're next to me."  Gerard replied.  "How could I not?"

Two more chapters to go before the end of Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square.  Come back tomorrow for Chapter 399.

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