Friday, October 18, 2013

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: Punch & Judy Nutcrackers, Nineteenth Century

Mr. Punch faces one side of this nutcracker

All Images from the Victoria & Albert Museum

Since it's Friday, let's carry on with some Punch & Judy-themed items.  By the Nineteenth Century, our Mr. Punch was a superstar of huge proportions and he and his wooden-headed family and friends found themselves on a variety of different products, especially those meant for every day use in the home.

This nifty item is a great example of the trend.  Dating to the second quarter of the Nineteenth Century, this brass nutcracker boasts a relief of Mr. Punch on one side and Judy on the other.

I want one, even though I can't recall ever using a nutcracker in my entire life.

And, here's Judy.

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