Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 395

Chapter 395
To Be Home Again

"Have you settled into your new home upstairs?"  Lennie asked as she joined her brother and Robert who were chatting with Gerard and Gamilla in the library.

"Oh, yes, Your Ladyship."  Gamilla beamed.  "I already done made room for all Gerard's things."

"I still can't believe I'll be in such a handsome suite of rooms."  Gerard shook his head.

"We may have to find a way to make more space for you,"  Punch smiled.  "Won't be long before you got to have a nursery o' your own."

"Oh, there's plenty of time to worry 'bout that, Your Grace.  We won't need no more room.  I just want you to know that my havin' a baby o' our own won't take way from my time with Colin.  I'll still be able to attend to my own duties."  Gamilla said quickly.

"No one doubts that,"  Robert protested.

"Not at all,"  Punch shook his head.  "Only, we gotta be fair.  You'll need time with your own baby, too.  We want you to know that your family's always got a place with us.  I'm pleased as...well, pleased as me-self to know that our Colin'll have a friend what he can grow up with right in the house--wherever we are."

"Most gentlemen wouldn't be as generous as that, Your Grace."  Gerard said sincerely.

"We ain't most gentlemen."  Punch grinned.

"Gamilla,"  Robert began.  "I don't know if you've planned on a physician."

"Oh, not yet, Your Lordship.  I only just realized, well...only a few days ago."  Gamilla blushed.

"If you'd like, I'd be happy to act as your physician."  Robert offered.

"But, Sir, you're takin' time away from your practice while we're in Yorkshire."  Gamilla shook her head.

"Except for members of the family."  Robert insisted.  "I do understand that perhaps you wouldn't be comfortable having someone you know so well attend to you."

"There's no one I'd rather have."  Gamilla said quickly.

"Well, then, it's settled."  Robert replied.

"I just hope that the journey north won't upset you too much,"  Lennie spoke up thoughtfully.

"Oh, no, Miss.  I'm a strong girl."

"She is."  Gerard boasted.  "I spent most o' me life on ships.  Even I got a wee sick on our way back, but not my 'Milla.  She loved it.  A carriage journey'll be nothin' for her."

Gamilla giggled.

"Seems a shame to uproot you so soon after your return home."  Lennie said. 

"We're excited 'bout it."  Gamilla replied.

"It's a good thing as we're leavin' in a week."  Punch said.

"I suppose we should let you go upstairs and rest.  You've had a long journey."  Robert smiled.

"I'm ready to spend some time with Master Colin."  Gamilla shook her head.  "Besides that, Ethel's earned herself a break."

"And, I'd really like to get to your wardrobe, Your Lordship."  Gerard said. 

"There's no one like you--either of you."  Punch laughed.

"And,"  Gerard began sheepishly.  "There's no one like any of you.  I want to thank you again for all you did for our wedding, and the wedding trip."

"It was our pleasure."  Punch nodded.

"We do appreciate it."  Gamilla smiled.  "So much."  She reached down to retrieve the gifts she'd tucked under her chair.  "We brought you back some things to thank you.  They ain't much, but they're from the heart."

Gerard stood and took the presents, handing one to each Lennie, Punch and Robert.

"Thank you so much,"  Robert nodded.

"Oh, don't open them with us here."  Gamilla shook her head.  "We'll...we'll get all misty-eyed."

"We'd best get to our duties anyway,"  Gerard added.

"You know, you don't have to.  Not this evening."  Lennie argued.

"There's nothin' we'd like better though, Your Ladyship."  Gamilla grinned.  "It's our way of showin' how glad we are to be home."

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