Monday, October 7, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 394

Chapter 394
New Life

After almost an hour of ecstatic chatter downstairs with the entire staff, Robert declared that Gamilla and Gerard should be allowed to go to their suite to rest and unpack.

"After all, they've just concluded a long journey,"  Robert smiled.

"We haven't given everyone their presents, yet."  Gerard said quickly.

"There's time 'nough for all that."  Mr. Punch shook his head.  "You two go on up--Gamilla, 'specially needs to get 'er rest."

He caught sight of Hulda, Dolly and the new scullery maid examining him as he spoke.  He'd forgotten that they weren't yet accustomed to him.  Still, he didn't care.  He was too happy to worry about such things.

"Besides,"  Lennie nodded, "Ethel, and, especially young Colin will want to see you both."

Gerard reached for one of their bags.

"Oh, no!"  Charles said.  "Georgie and I will bring them up."

Gerard blushed.  "I can still carry.  Marriage ain't made my arms weaker."

"Good to know."  Charles winked.  "But, just this once, let us carry for you."

Robert, Punch and Lennie walked upstairs with Gerard and Gamilla.  

"We're so glad to have you back with us,"  Lennie beamed.  "The house was not the same without you."

"It's very true.  Though Ethel did a very fine job on her own, we simply missed having you both with us."  Robert added.

"We missed all of you, too,"  Gamilla replied.  "So many times I'd see somethin' and think, 'Oh, His Grace would love to see that or His Lordship would like to go there. And wouldn't Her Ladyship enjoy goin' to this shop?'"

"Much happened here what we'd 'ave loved to share with you.  Miss Fern went to school."  Punch said as they climbed the next flight.

"Did she now?"  Gerard grinned.  "Without any...issue?"

"She went happily and she's been writing that she's doing her best."  Robert replied.

"We'll leave you to the next flight on your own."  Punch said.  "Only, if you would, once you're ready, join us in the library so we might continue our chat."

"We'd be so happy to."  Gamilla smiled.  

"Gamilla, I hope you don't mind that I...that I said that you were...with child.  I could just tell and, I thought it so good, I just...said it without thinkin'."  Punch said sheepishly.

"I knew you'd know right off, Your Grace."  Gamilla said.

"I don't know how you knew, dear Punch."  Robert shook his head.  "I'm the physician, and I couldn't tell.  It's only been sixteen days."

"Oh, I just knew."  Punch shrugged.  "I dunno.  Felt new life in the house.  Felt hope come to us."

Gamilla sighed happily.  "It is hope, Sir.  We all got so much good ahead o' us."

"I know what's ahead of me just now."  Gerard grinned.

"What's that Gerard?"  Lennie asked.

"I'm gonna carry my beautiful wife into our new home."  He answered happily.

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