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Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 372

Chapter 372
Speaking of Blessings

"Matthew,"  Lennie smiled as Speaight escorted  the Earl of Cleaversworth into the drawing room.

Punch and Robert stood and gestured for Matthew to sit beside Lennie.

"Are you hungry, Matthew?"  Punch asked.  "We can ask Mrs. Pepper or Maudie to prepare something for you."  He spoke in a slightly more formal version of his own voice, still trying to ensure that Matthew wasn't spooked by him.

"No, thank you, Your Grace.  No doubt I'll be ravenous by the wedding breakfast.  For now, I've no appetite, I'm still recovering from the grisly scene in the square.  I say, but did you see it?  Quite foul."

"We did see it."  Punch nodded, joining Robert on the settee across from Lennie and Matthew.

"We were there."  Robert revealed.

"Oh?  I didn't see you.  I say, when I heard the crash of glass and the scream, even from as far as my house is, I couldn't help but come out and look.  What propels us to seek out the revolting?  But, no.  Alas, I didn't see either of you."

"We were all three of us there."  Lennie said.

"Not you, my dear.  You shouldn't have had to witness such a thing."

"I didn't mind."  Lennie shook her head.

"We were speaking to the Queen's guards after the accident."  Robert spoke up.  "That's why, I'm sure, you didn't notice us."

"So, it was an accident?"  Matthew nodded.  "No doubt a blessing, that maimed woman and that monstrous child."

"You see, the woman with whom the..."  Punch began, but stopped.  "Yes."  He nodded quickly.  "No doubt a blessing, Matthew."

"Speaking of blessings,"  Matthew smiled, "are the events of today on schedule?"

"Oh, yes, quite."  Robert inhaled.  

"I must say, I've never been to the wedding of a servant before."  Matthew said innocently.

"Well, this will not be the typical servants' marriage as Gamilla and Gerard aren't typical servants."  Lennie answered.

"I say, it's marvelous how involved you three are with the staff."  Matthew nodded.

"Why not?"  Punch smiled.  "They're involved with us."

"Rather."  Matthew replied.  "Ah, Lennie, can't you sense the excitement in the air?  Soon, that will be for us."

"Have the two of you decided upon a date for your nuptials?"  Robert asked.

"Not as of yet, no."  Lennie replied.

"We must do, soon."  Matthew said.  "We'll need to post the marriage banns."

"Matthew, there's no hurry.  We've much time."  Lennie nodded.

"Oh, but, 'do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.'"  Matthew grinned.

"Mr. Franklin wouldn't have minded if we took our time."  Lennie said demurely, referring to Benjamin Franklin, the author of the line which Matthew had quoted.

"I say, he doesn't mind a thing now."  Matthew replied.  "However, I'm most anxious."

"We can discuss it later, Matthew."  Lennie stalled.

"Yes, of course."  Punch nodded.

"Ah, very well."  Matthew answered, looking defeated.

Thankfully, Speaight entered the room and cleared is throat.  "Your Grace, the carriages have arrived and I'm told that both the bride and groom are at the ready."

"Splendid!"  Punch rose.  "I shall go see to Gamilla.  Robert, my dear, will you gather up Gerard and the groomsmen and get them out first."

"I shall."  Robert said.

"Gamilla and I will follow once everyone else has departed."  Punch explained.  "The bride's attendants will go in the carriage just before us."

"Where do I fit in?"  Matthew asked politely.

"We've a carriage just for you."  Robert answered.

"Alone?"  Matthew asked.

"At the church, you shall sit by me."  Punch replied.  

"Jolly good."  Matthew smiled though his eyes looked rather sad.  "I'm too much alone as it is." He looked to Lennie.

"Well, then."  Lennie inhaled.  "Let's start to gather up the party."

"Yes."  Robert nodded.

"I'll wait here, then."  Matthew said softly.

"We won't be long,"  Robert said kindly.

"I don't mind waiting, Lord Colinshire.  It's my best event."  Matthew answered.

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