Friday, August 23, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 373

Chapter 373
Something Wise

The ride to Eaton Square was short, and as he and Gamilla sat in happy silence in the carriage that they shared, Mr. Punch considered what he would say to her when they arrived at St. Peter's.  Surely he had to say something, Punch thought.  Something wise, something fatherly--that would be best.

Before Mr. Punch had a chance to draw a conclusion, he saw the columns of St. Peter's, Eaton Square.  As the carriage pulled up, Punch could see Robert beneath the handsome portico.  Robert smiled broadly at the approaching carriage.  

Before everyone had left Belgrave Square, Punch and Robert had agreed that they'd give one another a sign upon arrival at the church, to let the other know that all was well.  The sign was simply to be a smile.

Punch sighed with relief and nodded at Robert, returning the smile.

Turning his back, Robert happily returned to Gerard who waited at the altar.

Lennie and Violet hurried from the central door to greet the bride and help her from the carriage.  Punched descended first and offered a hand to Gamilla while the girls fussed over her wedding gown.

"Oh, you do look beautiful."  Lennie sniffed.

"It's thanks to you, Miss Lennie, for takin' me for this dress and Vi for all ya done.  Well, it's thanks to all of you."

"Sister, dear; Violet, would you leave me with Gamilla for a moment.  I just want to walk in with her."  Mr. Punch said.

"Certainly, dear Mr. Punch."  Lennie said.  "Violet and I will queue in the vestibule."

"That dress will want arranging some more."  Violet protested.

"Once, His Grace escorts Lennie to the vestibule, we shall do just that."  Lennie smiled demurely.

"Yes, my lady."  Violet agreed.

Watching the girl climb the stairs, Punch offered his arm to Gamilla.

"Here," He began, "I ought to say somethin' grand and wise just now.  Only, Gamilla, I got nothin' to teach ya.  Coo!  It's you what's been teachin' me.  All this time we known each other, it's you what's been givin' me things to learn.  We survived a good many wicked things, we have.  And, yet, you always been the picture of beautiful grace, loyalty and innocent affection."

"Oh, Your Grace."

"No, no.  It's true."  Punch shook his head.

"You got no idea what I done learned from you.  You and Dr. Halifax alike.  I think whatever good you see in me is just the good in yourself reflected back."  Gamilla answered.

"See?  That's just what I mean."  Punch smiled.  "Listen, Gamilla.  I'm terrible proud of you and the best I can say is that I hope you and Gerry is as happy as I am with my Robert."

"I can only hope that we come a mite close to that."  Gamilla said softly.

"Well, then."  Punch said after a moment.  "Let's go inside and get you married."

Come back on MONDAY, August 26, 2013, for the long awaited wedding of Gerard and Gamilla!

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