Monday, June 17, 2013

The Home Beautiful: Queen Charlotte’s Botanically-Hued Corner Cabinets, 1770

While I get the "Treat of the Week" ready for tomorrow, let's take a look at a yummy little corner cupboard from the Royal Collection.

Corner Cupboard
One of a Pair
Possibly by John Carrack, 1770
Purchased by Queen Charlotte for
Windsor Castle
The Royal Collection
Queen Charlotte was far more adventurous in her tastes than was her husband, King George III. To some extent, George IV seems to have inherited his mother’s sense of color and style. Charlotte had a great passion for color and a keen love of nature. So, she tended toward botanical colors in her décor—greens, reds, pinks and golds. The Queen had a great passion for Rococo design, so it’s no surprise that she purchased this suite of colorful Rococo furniture which included a chest-of-drawers and these two corner cabinets.

Made of beech, pine, mahogany and gilt-bronze, the suite was a central focus in her bedchamber at Windsor Castle. Queen Charlotte was so taken with the furnishings that she carefully selected fabrics to match the pattern of green and gold which graces the front of each piece.

The makers of the suite are something of a mystery. Clues in the styling and workmanship indicate that they were the design of the relatively unknown John Carrack Of Northumberland. However, this cannot be verified. Regardless of their maker, they’re beautiful pieces and speak volumes about Queen Charlotte’s sensibilities.

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