Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fun: “Wicked Mr. Punch,” 1932

Punch Magazine, 1892
This unusually dark children’s song was recorded on September 21, 1932 in London for Decca Records. “Wicked Mr. Punch” was Al Bowlly with Arthur Lally and His Orchestra. The lyrics are as follows:

Wicked Mr. Punch meets Judy,
Makes a date for lunch, gets broody.
When she appears, he boxes her ears instead.
Now, Judy’s on the floor, shouts “Murder!”
Somebody next door, has heard her,
Follow the clue, it’s covered, it’s true, she’s dead.
What a dreadful tale of grief and woe,
To the village jail, Old Punch must go.
So the people cry, “Arrest him!”
And the coppers try to get him, 
But, Mr. Punch defiantly shouts, No! No!

I hope you enjoy this amusing little song...

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