Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will Continue on Monday

Last week saw much excitement for the residents of No. 65 Belgrave Square.  Let's review.  Shall we?

1.  Fern escaped Hamish House and ran to No. 65 where she slipped past George.  Maudie, Georgie and Ethel cornered the girl in the front hall and tried to get her to come out.  But, Fern was NOT going back to Hamish House.  She threatened to kill herself.

2.  At Buckingham Palace, Robert, Punch and Lennie joined Queen Victoria for luncheon.  The Queen, of course, was going to assist with the Orpha problem, but first she wanted to talk about something pleasant--namely her scheme to create Lennie as Lady Fallbridge and Robert as a baron.  Robert needed a barony, and Punch was quick to give him a plot of land in Aberdeenshire near Grange Molliner.  Robert then became Lord Baron Colinshire.  When the trio returned home with their happy news, they were not pleased to be greeted with tales of Fern's return.

3.  Punch addressed the Fern issue immediately.  After getting the "vote" of the staff, the majority of whom thought that the wicked girl should not be sent to an asylum, Puch declared that he'd decided to send Fern to a lovely school.  Robert was quick to point out that if the girl did anything weird while at the school, it was Bedlam-time.  Furthermore, Fern was not to stay at the house while she waited to go to school.  They'd arranged for her to lodge in the house where Roger Barrett was being kept in the meantime.

4.  Tea time!  Matthew, Earl of Cleaversworth arrived for tea--a very special tea which the very proud Mrs. Pepper made.  The entire staff, in fact, was very pleased to hear that Lennie was a Lady and Robert was a baron, and, they were equally happy that Lennie was being courted.  Matthew got on well with Punch and Robert, and later, the fellas teased Lennie that she should marry the Earl.

5.  Another happy moment was interrupted when Punch, Robert and Lennie were informed that Fern had been taken by an "American woman" and an "Italian man."  Ah, Fern.  Back to Hamish House, then?  What will Punch and Robert do?

So...what's next?  The coming week brings unexpected chaos, the interference of the Queen, romance above and below stairs, and some shocking revelations.  Furthermore, we're closer to the marriage of Gerard and Gamilla, and event which will cause a lot of change for everyone at No. 65.

You won't want to miss a chapter, but if you do,  you can always catch up in the Chapter Archive.  

Thanks for reading!

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