Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will Continue on Monday

Lennie got more from her shopping trip with Gamilla than she had expected.  When the two ladies encountered the Baron Lensdown on their way home, Lennie learned just how low the baron could sink, and she repaid him with a nice punch to the jaw.  Not only did this unexpected act serve to reveal a lot of information, it also earned Lennie an admirer, the Earl of Cleaversworth who walked Lennie and Gamilla home, and, later, sent Lennie an assortment of flowers rich with meaning.

But, Lennie doesn't have time to daydream about romance, she came home to discover that her brother had been poisoned.  Dosed with a full bottle of sleeping tonic, Punch remained unconscious as Fern admitted to stealing the bottle from Robert's bag and purposefully pouring it into Punch's water pitcher.  While downstairs with everyone, Fern claimed she was "trying to help" and that she didn't know that too much of the tonic could be harmful.  Robert didn't buy the girl's act, nor did Charles, Gerard or Gamilla.  However, Lennie asked for leniency for Fern and took the girl upstairs where she, sadly, learned that Fern not only knew exactly what she was doing, but also delighted in it.

Speaking of delight stemming from weird causes, Ulrika was excited that Giovanni captured the Baron Lensdown (though a little disappointed that he wasn't suffering more).  When Orpha (missing a hand) appeared, the Baron expressed doubt of her claims to be his sister.  Nonetheless, he realized she was being honest.  Demanding to know what would next happen, the baron was shocked to see Ulrika come at him with a knife and a bowl.

More peculiar goings-on are due for the coming week.  We'll see what Orpha's plan for the baron was, as well as see just what the mysterious "ritual" means for our heroes.  Furthermore, we'll see Punch wake up from his ordeal.  Will the tonic have affected him?  And, what of Fern?  What other horrors can the half-pint horror mete out?  She's got plenty of time to plot--being locked in her room.  This next act may be the last straw.

As the household prepares for the wedding of Gerard and Gamilla, new friendships threaten old ones, and Punch faces some unexpected setbacks in his journey for peace and quiet.

You won't want to miss a chapter, but if you do, you can always catch up in the Chapter Archive.

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