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Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 294

Chapter 294 

Well?” Lennie demanded.

“What if I told you that I don’t believe you?” The Baron sniffed. “All of this is just too fantastic. To think that…that…Orpha Polk is my lost sister and that…”

“If you don’t believe me, Baron, then why don’t you follow me up the street and go to Hamish House where Orpha is now living and ask her? Go look at that baby and see if one of its faces resembles yours? At least one of them should.”

“A two-headed child? Preposterous! I think you’re as mad as your brother.”

“If I were a man, I would strike you for that.”

“If you were a man, I would strangle you for your slander.” The baron replied.

“Slander? How is it slander if it’s true?”

“There’s no proof that it is.”

“The proof is waiting to cast its four eyes upon its father.” Lennie retorted.


“If you’re so convinced that I’m lying, or, at the very least, repeating lies told to me, then why not go an look? Surely a gentleman such as yourself—a worldly, sophisticated gentleman—would be interested in such a medical novelty. At the very least.”

“Such sideshow antics do not appeal to me.”

“Why is that?” Lennie smiled. “I thought all of your sort frequented the sideshows, looking for aberrations to make you feel better about your own flaws.”

“You, Miss, are impertinent. I do not expect to be spoken to in such a manner by any woman, let alone the bastard daughter of the Duchess of Fallbridge.”

“Baron, your title is purchased whether in money or in flesh. You are no more a peer of England than I.” Lennie grinned.

“You bitch.” The baron growled.

“Coward!” Lennie spat. “You stand here calling names. You mock a woman. That’s easy for a coward. But, facing the truth of your own sins is unthinkable.”

“Miss…” Gamilla whispered.

“Shut your mouth, you African…” The baron began.

“Don’t speak to my friend that way.” Lennie snapped. “You haven’t the right.”

“Your mistress sent you to fetch your master.” The baron continued, ignoring Lennie. “Hadn’t you best obey? I should like to continue this conversation with the Duke of Fallbridge…so beloved of the Queen. Wouldn’t he be appalled to know that his sister…excuse me, his half-sister…who feigns timidity is really a raving madwoman who attacks her betters. Wouldn’t he be further appalled to think Her Majesty might find out?”

“Her Majesty?” Lennie laughed. “You are no more welcome in the court than a plague rat! You’re loathed by the Prince Consort and the Queen finds you a lecherous buffoon! Go! Go to the palace gates and scream out that I’m mad! If you did, you’d still be a coward because you’d do anything to avoid the truth. You know…you know in your heart that what I say is true. You lay with your own sister and produced a pathetic monster.”

“I refuse to stand in the middle of Belgrave Square and continue with this spectacle.”

“Run, then, Baron.” Lennie smiled. “I have other things which require my attention.”

“Yes, you’d best continue to live off of your wealthy brother’s fame and the smart investments of his ancestors.”

“No. I’m going to Hamish House. I shall inform Orpha Polk—as much as I detest every inch of the woman—that her brother has returned to London. I’m sure she’ll be pleased to be able to introduce her monster child to its father. And, then, I shall return home to my wonderful brother and his companion, content with the knowledge that within the day the two of you will have devoured one another.”

“Listen to me, woman.” The baron snarled.

“No. We’ve finished. Good day, Baron.” With that, Lennie began to walk away, nervously followed by Gamilla.

Suddenly, Gamilla felt a pain in her arm and stumbled backward. She became immediately aware that the Baron had grabbed her arm. She dropped the basket in which she carried her shopping. “Miss!” She shouted.

People on the street began to look at the strange sight of the Baron Lensdown holding an African woman by the arm.

“Let go of her.” Lennie spun around.

“If you go to that woman…Orpha…I will kill this girl in front of you!” The baron barked.

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