Monday, April 1, 2013

At the Music Hall: Joanie and the J-Tones' "Two of a Kind"

Just to note, Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will return with new chapters tomorrow, Tuesday, April 2.  

I thought that since today is the day after easter, I would surprise everyone with a special edition of "At the Music Hall."

Technically, this song isn't really "Music Hall."  In fact, it dates to 1964 and is the only surviving recording of the celebrated group, "Joanie and the J-Tones."  The group was formed in 1962 under the name "Rhoda and Leroy," however the name had already been taken.  

After years of struggle, Joanie and the J-Tones finally hit the charts with their best-selling hit, "Two of a Kind."  The unusual voice-cracking warbles of the "J-Tones," the stage name of Joanie's sidekick, Joseph Faceopesca, proved, however, to be the downfall of the group.  Joanie decided to go out on her own, and demanded the master recordings of "Two of a Kind."  Faceopesca, however, was bitter about being left behind, and, while at work at "Klown Burger," dropped the records into the deep fryer, claiming it was an accident.

Now, for the first time in over forty years, here is your chance to hear this celebrated tune.  

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