Thursday, March 14, 2013

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: Prince Albert Edward with a Terrier, 1864

Prince Albert Edward and Friend, 1864
The Royal Collection

Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Albert Edward (later King Edward VII) inherited his mother’s appreciation for dogs. Many of the photographs of Edward VII in The Royal Collection show him with dogs. From his infancy to his death, this was a man who enjoyed his canine companions. Of course, later in life, Edward’s favorite companion was Caesar, however, he seems to have a rather good relationship with this particular pleasant-looking terrier. The dog appears to be smiling as Prince Albert Edward playfully tugs his ear.

The Royal Households have always been home to many dogs. There has even been the occasional cat. For an in-depth look at Royal pets through the ages, check out Noble Hounds and Dear Companions.

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