Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gifts of Grandeur: The Duchess of Windsor’s Jeweled Flamingo, 1940

Photo by Dan Kitwood for Sotheby's
I've previously written about this brooch, but I thought that I'd bring it up again today since we're looking at the glamour and delicacy of the fashions of the first three decades of the Twentieth Century.

Love her or hate her, Wallis Simpson was glamorous.  So glamorous, in fact, that she seemed a better choice than the throne of England.

This ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond clip in the shape of a flamingo was created by Cartier in 1940. This sparkling fowl belonged to the Duchess of Windsor and was long a favorite of hers.

In July of 2010, the clip was auctioned by Sotheby’s in London amongst an impressive collection of The Duchess’ jewels.


Dash wood said...

The flamingo has better legs than Wallis.

Joseph Crisalli said...

This is true.