Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square Will Continue on Monday

Two new young ladies have taken residence at No. 65 Belgrave Square.  The first is Fern.  The illegitmate daughter of Lady Constance, Fern was sent with a letter  for the Duke which detailed Constance's suicide by hanging and her desire for Punch and Robert to look after the girl.  Robert and Punch decide to take Fern into their home and they decide to tell people that she's Robert's niece.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the new kitchen maid, Maude, arrives.  At first, Mrs. Pepper feels awkward around the girl, thinking that accepting Maude will be disrespectful to Jenny's memory.  She concludes that Jenny would want the new girl to be accepted, and welcomes her.  Ethel is, at first, not quite as accepting.  However, Ethel is showing progress in her recovery.

As Gerard and Gamilla prepare for their wedding, Charles is rattled knowing his brother, Giovanni, is in London and reveals to the staff how the late Duchess of Fallbridge hired Giovanni to hire Sir Colin.  There's more news of death of Johnny Donnan shows up to tell the Duke that he and Mr. Stover found Eudora and Hortense dead.  Punch sends Donnan on his way, after paying him off.  And, Mr. Donnan notices new tenants moving into Hamish House--a fact confirmed by Maudie who once worked there.  Mrs. Pepper realizes that Maude is speaking of Ulrika Rittenhouse as being the new lease holder of Hamish house and tells Speaight who tells the Duke.

But, the Duke has other things on his mind.  He wants to think happy thoughts and he, Robert and Lennie plan a party to follow Gamilla and Gerard's wedding.  But, despite this focus on joyful things, Punch is keenly aware that danger looms nearby.

The coming week will see new strange new developments as Fern gets to know Colin, Gamilla and Gerard realize their trip down the aisle won't be so easy, Charles is reunited with his murderous brother, and Mr. Punch and Robert meet their new neighbors...including Marduk.

If you missed a chapter, you can catch up in the Chapter Archive.  

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