Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will Continue on Monday

The arrival of Ulrika Rittenhouse marked a new source of trouble for Mr. Punch and Robert, especially since Ulrika had come to London expressly to see Orpha Polk and her conjoined twins, Marduk, to declare them the new "messiah" of their cult.  Along with her, Ulrika brought her lover, Giovanni Iantosca--Charles' murderous brother, and an intention to wed Marduk to his/their half-sister Fern.  After Lady Constance's suicide, Fern had gone to stay with the Duke and the doctor.  Worse still, Ulrika, Orpha and Giovanni took over the lease on Hamish House, just up the street from No. 65.

Last week's chapters ended with Fern punishing Gamilla by slashing her wedding dress and then disappearing, Ulrika coming to No. 65 with a forged invitation to tea, and Charles and Gerard breaking into Hamish House to confront Orpha.

Nothing good can come of any of that.

This promises to be a shocking week.  You won't want to miss a Chapter, but if you do, you can always catch up in the Chapter Archive.

Thanks for reading!

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