Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coming this Week at "Stalking the Belle Époque" and Punch's Cousin

Though the summer weather seems relentless, we can find some relief from the heat with some cool diamonds and soothing gemstones this week on Stalking the Belle Époque. I’ve found some truly exceptional pieces to share with you this week.

Additionally, I’ve got some great paintings, sculptures and other stunning art objects in store for this week. We’ll continue with our Precious Time and Unfolding Pictures articles as we explore some of the clocks and hand fans that have been added to the world’s museum collections.

This week, we’ll also begin our “Person of the Week” and “Humanitarian of the Week” posts again. We’ll also take an in-depth look at a couple of classic films that have helped to shape cinematic history.

Punch’s Cousin will continue as we learn more about Marie Laveau’s pregnancy and discover the details of her fiendish plot—and just how involved Marie expects Iolanthe and Ulrika to be. Now that Barbara has revealed that she’s feigning madness, what does that mean for Punch and Julian as they and their family are about to leave for England? And, what of Charles? Now that Marie has got him, what does she intend to do with them? There’s a lot coming this week, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

All this, and, of course, a Gratuitous Bertie Dog Picture. We’ll stay cool together as we stalk the beauty of the world.

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Doni said...

Aah is there anything as refreshing as an exquisitely crafted 'bouquet' of the most beautiful stones from the earth. I love it.