Monday, May 9, 2011

Treat of the Week: Mother’s Day Special

Though my mother is the Queen of Cuisine, every year my father tries his hand at creating a special dinner for Mother’s Day and my mother’s birthday. It must be a daunting task for him, considering the skill and artistry my mother brings to every dish she prepares. However, each year, he outdoes himself and serves up dishes which make for a perfect celebration and give my mother a day off from the kitchen.

This year brought a lovely, puffy cheese soufflé which was a tasty as it was attractive. Rising high above it’s dark blue dish, the soufflé had a wonderful crust and was delightfully creamy. Served with a salad of fresh greens, fruit, nuts and blue cheese, the soufflé was large enough for two servings each, and then some.

The meal was accompanied by a lovely homemade bread. Made from scratch and coated with sesame seeds, this bread was really quite delicious and would have done any baker proud.

The meal concluded with a beautiful lemon meringue pie. Meringue is tricky stuff, but my father managed to make it perfectly. The creamy, lemon filling atop the homemade crust was light and flavorful.

Hats off to my father and thanks for a delightful meal in honor of my mother. For someone who only cooks twice a year, he does a great job.


Book Gurl said...

I think that's just marvelous and very sweet. Everything looks very good and from what I see here each week, your dad has some big cooking shoes to fill.

Gene said...

Good job. Took bravery.

Joseph Crisalli said...

Thank you, Book Gurl and Gene. He did do a really good job.