Saturday, December 11, 2010

Painting of the Day: “The Highland Lassie,” by Sir Edwin Landseer, 1850

The Highland Lassie
Sir Edwin Landseer, 1850
The Royal Collection
After their first visit to Balmoral in 1848, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert fell in love with the beauty of Scotland.  Before they established a royal residence at Balmoral in 1852, Queen Victoria took every opportunity to remind her husband of the happy times they spent at Balmoral.  In 1850, Queen Victoria commissioned one of the her favorite painters, Sir Edwin Landseer, to create an idealized Scottish scene to give to Prince Albert for Christmas.  The result was this stunning picture of a young lady with two deer set against a majestic Scottish landscape.  Thrilled with the painting, Prince Albert displayed it proudly.  I can only imagine that seeing this bucolic scene every day probably further encouraged Prince Albert to actively pursue the lease on Balmoral. 

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