Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reminder: "Punch's Cousin" Will Return on Monday

The days following Christmas haven’t been so very merry for Julian/Punch and his companions. Not only did they quickly depart Marionneaux for New Orleans, but they came to the city just as Iolanthe Evangeline was welcoming a very unwelcome visitor from England—namely Julian’s mother, The Duchess of Fallbridge. Iolanthe wasted no time in blackmailing the Duchess with the information that it was Her Grace who ordered the murder of Julian’s father, Sir Colin Molliner. With the Duchess firmly in her grip, Iolanthe was ready for the next phase of her dastardly plan. The arrival of the Duchess didn’t make for very happy family reunions. Her Grace was shocked to find that her daughter had not only had a child, but was also married to the Duchess’ former footman. To make matters worse, the Duchess learned that Barbara was working as one of Iolanthe’s girls. As she’s prone to do, she took her anger out on her son. However, she wasn’t greeted warmly at Dr. Biamenti’s Royal Street mansion when Mr. Punch told her exactly how he felt and his friends made a great show of their support.

Meanwhile, Marjani suffered a terrible loss. After her long struggle with the Yellow Fever, Nontle died—leaving her small daughter, Columbia, to be raised by Marjani. Marjani received a surprise when Mr. Fontanals freed her. But, she didn’t leave before making her opinion of the man clearly known. On her way to New Orleans, look for Marjani to rejoin the only people who have truly supported her.

Of course, the Duchess isn’t the only trouble that Mr. Punch and his companions must contend with. Ulrika Rittenhouse is also in New Orleans—along with Arthur. As she continues to drug both Arthur and Barbara, we’ll see two forces—Iolanthe and Ulrika—struggle for control.

This coming week promises a lot of excitement in Punch’s Cousin. As Mr. Punch and his friends prepare themselves for Edward Cage’s masquerade ball, they’ll face challenges both new and old. Loyalties will be tested, and we’ll see one force get the upper hand. With three powerful women struggling for dominance, who will be caught in the crossfire?

You still have a chance to read a preview of The Cages of Marionneaux. This upcoming novel—a companion to both Punch’s Cousin and The Garnet Red will be available soon. So, keep coming back to learn how you can order the book.

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