Thursday, February 12, 2015

Antique Image of the Day: The old goat and young kid- or the Queenborough-novelist, 1798

Click on the image like a spider on a fly.

"The Old Goat and the Young Kid"
Fores, 1798
The British Museum

This satirical print dates to 1798. Entitled “The Old Goat and Young Kid—or the Queenborough-Novelist,” the print was published by S W Fores though for a long time it was attributed to F. Sansom.

We see here a peer on the front steps of his Piccadilly house. He’s leering at a busty girl through a double spy glass. The girl, a country lass, is with her yokel father who is being solicited by a bawdy older gal. She says:

"It’s very lucky I met with you my honest Man if she behaves well she shall be promoted to the service of a Duke.”

He responds, "Very lucky indeed I'se Woundily Obliged to your Ladyship. My Dame always said as how Bet was cut out for Zarvice of your great Volkes."

A delivery man looks up at the leering Duke and says, "Ah! I knew he'd dart out like an Old Spider at a Fly.”

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