Sunday, May 25, 2014

Object of the Day, Caption Contest: The Baby Sitter

Click on the image to get a closer look.

This handsome chromolithograph was never utilized. In one way, it’s a shame that it wasn’t since it’s very cute. However, the fact that it wasn’t used also increased its chances of surviving in such good condition. See the “sign” in the upper right corner? That was meant to be over-printed with a company’s information. This card was printed in bulk. Advertisers could select it from a catalog and have the already-printed stock, over-printed with their own slogan and address, etc.

I was quite happy to see this card tucked into a stack I’d bought a few weeks ago. I like dogs, as you know, and I rather find the idea of a terrier taking care of a baby to be a charming one. Of course, if I was a parent to a human child, I might feel differently about this. But, as I am only a parent to Bertie, I find it cute.

Having lived with a terrier for over a decade, I have to tell you that should I ever tie a rope to a basket containing a baby, Bertie would not conclude that it was his job to gently pull the rope to rock the baby. If instructed to do something with the rope, Bertie probably would, bit, gentle rocking would not be the result. Forceful, playful tugging on the rope would occur because, well, that’s how dogs play. Babies would be flying all over the place. But, Bertie’d like that. He likes babies. They’re soft and they taste sweet (to kiss not to eat).

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