Friday, April 25, 2014

Print of the Day: Brewtnall's "On the Road to Derby - The Punch and Judy Man," 1870

On the Road to Derby -- The Punch & Judy Man
E.F. Brewtnall, 1870
for the Illustrated London News
The Victoria & Albert Museum

The original drawing for this engraving entitled “On the Road to Derby – The Punch & Judy Man” was created by E.F. Brewtnall. The drawing was reproduced in 1870 in the Illustrated London News.

I find this to be a lovely and sensitive picture. Here, we see a Punch & Judy Professor seated, at work touching up the paint on the face of his handsome figure of Punch. Dog Toby sits nearby, supervising, while the Professor’s bottler assembles the fit-up.

I’m sure that you can guess that this is part of the V&A’s George Speaight Punch & Judy Archive.

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