Saturday, April 26, 2014

Object of the Day: Barry's Tricopherous

Click on image to grow some hair.

Good news for the Victorian lady and gent with thinning hair. Not only thinning hair—heck, even bald folks can use this exciting product to grow long, lustrous locks. What is this boon to the hairless? Why, it’s Barry’s Tricopherous. Of course.

The “oldest, and the best, Tricopherous was established in 1801. This handsome trade card tells us that Barry’s lotion is “Guaranteed to restore the hair to bald heads, and to make it grow thick, long and soft.”

Though I doubt the product’s claims, I must admit that this is a gorgeous chromolithograph. This handsome couple, aside from being attired in the finest fashions of the 1870s, both have lovely heads of hair. I particularly like the lady’s fan and the intricate details on her gown.

Let’s see what the reverse tells us. I have a feeling it’s going to be very insistent.

Well, this is odd. They’re talking about the Venus de Medici. But, they’re not showing her. She’s nude, you know. No doubt, a long meeting was held to discuss this. Obviously, they concluded to show a contemporary woman with all her clothes on—and, of course, a healthy head of hair.

What are they telling us?


     What is most remarkable about
this exquisite statue is the natural
appearance of the hair. Knowing
that a lovely chevelure is the crown-
ing perfection of a woman’s beauty,
the artist gave particular attention
this feature. Every lady who
desires to add new luster to her
charms must study the artistic
arrangement of her hair. She will
be greatly assisted in effecting this
by using 
Barry’s Tricopherous.
The only preparation yet discovered
which preserves, beautifies and
adorns the hair; prevents it turning
gray and falling out, and makes it soft, silken and glossy.
     The celebrated 
Barry’s Tricopherous was just as much
thought of 50 and 75 years ago by the leading families
America, as it is to-day, and we can prove the truth of what
we assert, as we have still the original certificates in our

                                                          SAVANNAH, GA., June 11, 1865.

Dear Doctor:-- Your agents here having disposed of your
first consignment of the Barry’s Tricopherous within two
days after its arrival, myself and many of my friends are
unable to obtain a supply on the spot, and as we have now
been deprived of our favorite toilet article for over four years,
we feel rather impatient to renew our acquaintance with it.
Some of us think we have become gray for the want of it,
but perhaps it is only from the anxiety occasioned by the war.
At any rate, send us four gross, for which, please find the,
money enclosed. Forward by Adams and Co., directed to
George Dewitt Erwin, to be left at the Company’s office till
called for.

                                                         Yours, etc.,

                                                                           G.D. Irwin. 

Wow! It not only grows hair, but it makes gray hair colorful again! Sign me up! I’ve got plenty of hair, but the color, well… Will it make your hair any color you choose? How does it know?

Hmmm…maybe I won’t be able to get any. Though, the pesky Civil War is over—finally.

Ah, the American Civil War. Brother against brother, follicle against follicle.

Oh...and here's the Venus de Medici--just because we're not scared of her stone nudity.

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