Friday, March 21, 2014

Mr. Punch in the Arts: Punch Hangs the Hangman, 1854

Punch hangs the Hangman—serve him right;

I’ve no compassion for the Fellows
Who ‘stead of the way from, delight
In showing folks that to the gallows.
(“Fellows” and “gallows” don’t exactly rhyme,
But you shall have a better one next time.)

So states the caption of this 1854 engraving from the book, The Wonderful Drama of Punch and Judy by “Papernose Woodensconce, Esq.” The title of the drawing is “Punch Profits from the Introduction He Has Made and Hangs the Hangman.” Papernose Woodensconce was the whimsical penname of author Robert Brough who often wrote about Mr. Punch and his family as illustrated by the renowned George Cruikshank.

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