Friday, December 13, 2013

The Spirit of the Season

Buy things.
'Tis the Season, etc.

Plus, I'm not gettin' any younger over here.

Visit our online store for gifties.


Have you read my first novel, The Garnet Red?  I wrote it many years ago.  It even ties into the Mr. Punch stories.

Christmas is coming up.  Do you know what makes a great gift?  Books.  Books make great gifts.  Or, if you're one of those e-reader types, you can do that.  You can download it at the iTunes store by going here.  If you've got a Nook, you can buy an e-Book here through Barnes and Noble.  Or you can buy an actual book book on Amazon.

As you know, I don't hawk a lot of things here.  I keep the self-promotion to the bare minimum.  But...go a book, so I can keep doing this, and keep feeding the dog and the puppets and the cats...  

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