Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Father Christmas Through the Ages: A German Christmas Postcard, 1906

The Victoria & Albert Museum

This Christmas postcard is a color lithograph which has been gilt on embossed card. It was printed in Germany for export to the U.S. The front shows an illustration of Santa Claus in a blue robe, as he drives a car full of dolls and toys and stuffed animals (including an elephant), with a superimposed holly-trimmed cartouche containing a rebus (words and pictures) verse:

"Be merry and full of Joy,
Every (pictograph of girl) and every (pictograph of boy)
May your (pictograph of stockings) be full of good things,
And your (pictograph of heart) be gay as everybody sings
A Merry Christmas"

On the reverse, the sender's name and address are written in ink (Mrs Jennie Lynn of Strong, ME) as is the address of the recipient: Master Montie Tebbetts, Carmel, R.7.D.#.2 Maine, c/o Mrs Fannie Lynn. The card has a one cent stamp attached, and is postmarked STRONG DEC 18 1906 ME.

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