Monday, December 9, 2013

1890 House


If you were around here on Friday, you may have noticed that I commented that my power was out.  It remained out.  Until Sunday afternoon.  The temperature in the house was in the 30s Fahrenheit.  I understand that Texas is not prepared for ice storms, but, Oncor's response time was ridiculous--especially since they sent three texts saying our power was on when it wasn't and, worst of all, when they sent a crew, had power on for four minutes, cut it off and left for another day and a half.

Bertie and I are well.  I am recovering from falling off of the back porch onto the ice and skipping like a stone.

Though my house was built 1890-1892 with three fireplaces (none of which work now), it was built for gas light and was never intended for a weekend like the one we just experienced.

So...we will be back with regular posting tomorrow.

Stay warm and illuminated...

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