Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gifts of Grandeur: The Gaskin Clover Necklace, 1920

Georgie and Arthur Gaskin, 1920
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Arthur and Georgie Gaskin, the renowned husband and wife team, were known for their Arts and Crafts style jewelry.   Georgie was chiefly responsible for the designs while Arthur carried out the bulk of the enamel work alongside their many assistants.  Their designs were defined by representations of closely-packed leaves, birds and flowers sprinkled with gemstones.

Here, we see a pendant of silver wire framework with gold details, set with opals and pink tourmalines.  This was made in 1920 by Georgie and Arthur and is actually a re-working of a theme first used by Georgie in about 1910.  The depiction of clover is typical of the Gaskins work, but the use of the plum-colored tourmaline is unusual for them.  

A grouping of jewels by the Gaskins.

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