Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sculpture of the Day: The Tower Bridge Medal, 1894

Tower Bridge Medal
June, 1894
The Victoria & Albert Museum

This medal of bronze is one of a series which was issued by the Corporation of the City of London to commemorate the June, 1894 opening of the famous Tower Bridge by His Majesty Prince Albert, The Prince of Wales (this is Prince Albert Edward who would become King Edward VII following the death of his mother, Queen Victoria, in 1901).

The face of the medal shows busts of the Prince and Princess of Wales (later Queen Alexandra) superimposed with a crowned head of Queen Victoria.

On the reverse, it reads:

TOWER BRIDGE OPENED 30th JUNE 1894 ON BEHALF OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA BY H.R.H THE PRINCE OF WALES The bridge is pictured in perspective, and, above is the mark of the Bridge House Estates of the Corportion. The arms of the City of London are shown below. The medal is signed, “F. BOWCHER. FECIT.” Medalist Frank Bowcher (1864-1938) designed the piece. 

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