Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mid-Week Silliness: Popeye in "Fright to the Finish"

NOTE FROM MR. PUNCH:  "Them blokes at that infernal youtube took 'way me Popeye, they did.  Only I got another version of this 1954 cartoon.  So, if any o' you chums came 'ere earlier an' didn't get t' see it, here 'tis."

I awoke this morning with a terrible migraine.  This is funny to me since, yesterday, I was given (by a professional doctor) medication which is meant to prevent them, among other things.

This, if you hadn't noticed by the earlier George Bernard Shaw post has put me in a more peculiar mood than usual.  Thankfully, I'm cheerful despite the stabbing pain behind my eyes, so, let's take a look at something fun.

In honor of this week's Halloween festivities, I'd like to offer this Popeye short...again.

I like Popeye.  

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