Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Her Majesty’s Furniture: George IV’s Chariot Chairs

One of a Pair of Giltwood and Velvet
Chairs Designed for King George IV, 1812
Tatham, Bailey and Sanders
The Royal Collection

In 1812, though he already had a lot on his Royal plate, King George IV decided that a redecoration of Carlton House was long overdue and spent a lot of time and money in changing his surroundings.

His first order of business was to have the original furnishing re-covered in blue velvet. While he liked the look of them, they weren’t quite suitable for the grand scheme that he had in mind for Carlton House and, so, as one does, he had them removed and ordered a new set of furnishings to be made.

This chair is one of a pair that were made for Carlton House expressly for King George. The chairs get their design from drawings of Roman Chariots. With gilt-wood sphinxes and opulent red velvet, the chairs were deemed perfect for the King’s chambers.

Queen Victoria was quite fond of these chairs, and, fittingly had one of her own created in 1838 in a similar style.

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