Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mastery of Design: The Winged Tortoise Comb, 1900

The V&A
Comb adapted from a tiara, 1900
Tortoise shell, pearls and diamonds in gold and silver.
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Victoria & Albert Museum

Here’s another lovely item which I’d like to own.
  But, of course, it’s in the V&A.  Here, we see the head of a winged comb.  Originally, this was made as the crest of a tiara,  but in 1900, it was adapted to be worn as a comb at the rear of a lady’s head, as was the style of the time.  A creation of bleached tortoise-shell, it features gold and silver mounts set with rose-and brilliant-cut diamonds and pearls.  Sadly, the comb teeth are missing.
This and the original tiara were created in France by an unknown jeweler.  

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