Friday, August 2, 2013

Mastery of Design: Her Majesty's Prize from the Queen's St. Leonards Archers, 1839

This and all related images from The Victoria & Albert Museum

As a young princess, the future Queen Victoria was an avid archer and became the patron of the archer's club when it was founded in 1833. 

This bracelet of gold, enamel and diamonds demonstrates the romantic interest in archery, an ancient English skill associated with the medieval battles of Agincourt and Crécy. The bracelet was made as a prize.  It was was presented, in 1839, by Queen Victoria to the Society of Archers at St Leonards, Sussex.  Victoria appreciated that women played a major role in the St. Leonards Society.  

The front of the piece is inscribed: "Queen's St. Leonards Archers," and, on the reverse, "Her Majesty's Prize, 17th Aug 1839."

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