Wednesday, August 14, 2013

History's Runway: The Prince Albert Miniature, 1840

Magdalena Dalton after
William Ross
Diamonds, Gold, Ivory
The Royal Collection

From the time of their marriage in 1840 until her death, Queen Victoria cherished nothing more than she did the love she felt for her husband. She surrounded herself with images of Prince Albert and even commissioned jewelry to commemorate her love for him. Take this brooch, for example.

A frame of diamonds is set with a miniature on ivory by Magdalena Dalton after Sir William Ross' profile portrait of Prince Albert. At first, this was originally set as a bracelet, but later a brooch clasp was added. Queen Victoria’s personal inventory of her jewels records this brooch as follows: “a portrait after Ross set in diamonds and fastened by a Diamond band of 4 rows, supplied by Rundell, Bridge & Rundell.”

The Queen wore this portrait often both as a bracelet and a brooch. It is clearly visible in several portraits including her portrait by John Partridge. The faded condition of the miniature owes to the fact that it was worn constantly by the Queen, from their marriage until her death.

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