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Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 348

Chapter 348
Last Nights

Gerard slipped into the night nursery and tiptoed over to Gamilla who sat in the rocking chair with Colin in her arms.

"You'll make a fine mum one day soon."  Gerard smiled.

"Ya think?"  Gamilla whispered.

"I do."  Gerard nodded.  "Is the little master fussy tonight?"

"No, not at all." Gamilla shook her head.  "I just felt like holdin' him.  Tired sleepin', but all alone in that new big room, I felt kinda lost."

"You won't be alone in there for long."

"Just the day after tomorrow."  Gamilla looked down demurely.

"Sure is pretty the way the masters done it up for us, and that fine sittin' room and all."  Gerard nodded.  "A little house of our own right here in the big house.  No more attic room for ol' Gerry.  But, ya know?  I'd sleep on the cold ground as long as I could wake up and see you first thing."

"You're sweet."  Gamilla giggled.  "Do ya think Charlie will miss ya?  You been wakin' up an' seein' him first thing for a long time now."

"Dunno."  Gerard shrugged.  "I think he'll be glad to have the room to 'imself."

"Oh, I wouldn't say so."  Gamilla shook her head.  "You're his best 'chum' as His Grace would say."

"Ain't like we ain't gonna see 'im."  Gerard laughed.

"Shhhh, honey."  Gamilla whispered.  "Ain't no good wakin' the baby."

"Sorry."  Gerard winked.  "Only I ain't the one what pulled 'im outta his bed just to hold 'im."

Gamilla sighed.  "Just felt like holdin' a baby."  She looked at Gerard.  "Gerry, how'd ya know I was up?"

"Saw the light on."

"How?"  Gamilla asked.  "This room don't open into the passage.  Less you can see through walls, you couldn't have seen the light unless you were already in the day nursery."

"Fine."  Gerard grinned, "I confess it.  I walked right in, hopin' to find ya."

"What if I was asleep in our rooms?"

"I'd 'ave found ya there."


"What?"  Gerard teased.  "Maybe I just wanted to look at ya sleepin'.  You look like an angel when you sleep.  Just like Master Colin there."

"You snuck in my room before?"  Gamilla raised an eyebrow.

"No."  Gerard shook his head, "but I seen ya sleepin' by the fire down in the 'all.  When you think no one's lookin'.  I seen ya.  'Specially after them nights when Master Colin kept ya up."

Gamilla chuckled.  "I watched you sleep, too.  When you was hurt in Scotland.  I stayed right by ya, watched your chest rise and fall with each breath."

"I know."  Gerard blushed.

"Can ya believe it?  We're gonna be married day after next."

"I can't wait.  Feels like I been waitin' to marry you all my life."

"Me, too, honey."

"And, soon enough, we'll be goin' the Miss Lennie's weddin'."

"Ain't that fine?"  Gamilla nodded approvingly.  "I like the Earl.  He's older, but he's a gentle soul and I know he'll treat her real good."

"By the looks o' that ring he gave 'er, I think he will."  Gerard joked.  "Only, did ya notice, the diamond on your ring is bigger?"

"Gerry Gurney!"  Gamilla scolded softly.  

"See, I got ya a bigger diamond than an Earl.  Of course, the diamond was given me by a Duke what happens to be a jeweler, but..."

"Just like you'd sleep on the cold ground to be my husband, I'd wear a ring of tin to be your wife."

"Ain't we sweet?"  Gerard grinned.

"We are."  Gamilla nodded, "But, you'd best get outta here less we get caught."

"Who's gonna catch us?  The masters have retired.  Miss Lennie's in her room.  Mr. Speaight's gone to 'is pantry and everyone else 'as gone up to the attics.  Even Georgie who likes to wander 'round the larder late nights."

"You're forgettin' Ruthy.  She tends to come down nights to check on the baby."

"Just comes in?"


"She ain't thinkin' o' doin' that once we're wed, I hope?"

"Oh, you are bad."  Gamilla shook her head.  "No, shoo.  Go on!"

"Fine."  Gerard winked.  "Enjoy these last nights without me.  They'll be your last."

"I'm glad of it, my love."  Gamilla said.

"Don't you stay up too late."  Gerard said gently.

"I'm gonna put Master Colin back in his little..."

A loud scream from across the passage startled them both.

"Sweet Jesus!"  Gamilla yelped, waking Colin.  "That's Miss Lennie!"

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