Friday, June 28, 2013

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: Masquerading, 1811

English, 1811
After Rowlandson
Crown Copyright
The Royal Collection
Image Courtesy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Good morning, all.  I'm getting a slow start on this Friday morning, but, Bertie and I have been focussing on the boring business first, so we could spend some quality time with all of you now.

Today, I happened upon an item in the Royal Collection which was new to me, and, since it is "Punch" Friday, I thought I would cut through the heat and humidity with this very cool chromolithograph.

Printed after Thomas Rowlandson (1757-1827), the print, published on August 30, 1811, depicts a fancy dress ball.  Amongst the revelers, we see a lady magician complete with wand and spell-book, a lass dressed as a lad, and another as Janus, half male and half female.  But, center stage, we see Punchinello, and, that always makes for a good party.

And, now, for the amusement of myself and other Phantom-folks...

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