Wednesday, June 12, 2013


For the first time since 2010, yesterday, I didn't update this web site.  Sure, sometimes, if I'm overly busy or I have a conflict, I'll post a message to that end, but yesterday, I just wasn't able to.

Among the many things going on, it's a week of celebration for the birthday of Bertie's birthday.  Adopting my Bertie, as regular readers know, is among the best decisions I ever made.

Coming later this week, you'll see how Bertie's birthday (we don't REALLY know when he was born, since he was a rescue, but...) was celebrated with the special "Treat of the Week," that I promised.  My goal, since "Gratuitous Bertie Dog Picture" day is Thursday, is to devote the day to all things Bertie.

I'll also be getting back to "Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square."  Bear with me as I sort through a variety of business.

Until tomorrow,

Joseph, Bertie and Mr. Punch

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