Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will Continue on Monday

Tragedy shook No. 65 as its inhabitants tried to process the shocking death of Jenny.  Ethel, who had carried the girl home, was so grieved that she could not speak except to wail for her friend.  Therefore, no one was sure what had happened though Punch and Robert certainly suspected Orpha's hand.

As planned, Mr. Donnan and Mr. Stover arrived to discuss Orpha with the Duke and the Doctor.  Mr. Donnan had clearly changed and seemed bent on penance.  Johnny even seemed genuinely saddened by Jenny's death, and, later, as he and Mr. Stover waited downstairs for the Duke, the usually mute Mr. Stover indicated that he saw Jenny as an "angel."

In the nursery, Gamilla expressed her fears to Gerard and finally confessed to him that she wished to be his wife.  Gerard proposed and Gamilla accepted though neither knew if they could legally marry.  At least, this bit of happiness came in the wake of Jenny's murder.

As Lennie cared for Ethel, Punch and Robert met with Mr. Donnan and Mr. Stover.  The Duke and the doctor grew annoyed with Johnny's self-indulgent need for forgiveness.  The conversation concluded with the Duke asking Johnny to "kill" Orpha.

Now, what does that mean?  Even at his "Punchiest," Mr. Punch is not keen on seeing anyone killed.  Have he an Robert reached such a point that they would resort to ordering Orpha's murder?  Or, do they have something else in mind?

How will Mrs. Pepper react to a new kitchen maid, and furthermore, how will the household function without Jenny?  Meanwhile, Ethel's in a bad way.  She'll find comfort in the strangest of places.  And, Gerard and Gamilla begin to realize that their path to wedded bliss is much rockier than they imagined.

Come back on Monday as Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square continues.  If you've missed any chapters, you can find a link to and summary of each in the Chapter Archive.

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