Monday, October 22, 2012

Object of the Day: Life and Coffee in a Shoe, Part II

Click on image to live in a shoe.

Remember this from last Monday?

When I first saw that die-cut card from Lion Coffee, I had to do some research since I wasn’t aware of their Nursery Rhyme Campaign. I noted that, in this series, each nursery rhyme had several collectible cut-out pieces which, when combined, created the scene. For example, the “Old Lady in the Shoe,” I noted, came with the “shoe,” the old lady and a bed wherein she tucked in some of her assorted children. 

After I wrote that article, I put the card away and didn’t think about it. However, over the weekend, in preparing for this week’s site posts, I noticed that, tucked into one of the piles of ephemera, was a great assortment of these very coverted Lion Coffee die-cuts, including, one of the other pieces of the “Shoe Lady.” So, here they are—all nicely slumbering, unaware of their footwear-related poverty. 

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