Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will continue on Monday

When Lady Lensdown stumbled into the ballroom covered in blood, few expected her to make the announcement that she did—that the Countess Hamish had been murdered. Robert and Gerard leapt into action—both shocked that the Baron Lensdown did nothing to comfort his wife. As Mrs. Pepper, Georgie, Jenny and Ethel took Lady Lensdown and a mourning Lady Constance to the kitchens, Gerard and Robert went to investigate the murder scene.

The Countess had been terribly slashed to death. Robert and Gerard covered the body and talked about whether or not to let Constance see her mother in that condition. Gerard was then jumped and stabbed in the darkened room and Robert carried him up to the Duke’s chamber where he and Gamilla helped to clean the wound.

Robert concluded that sutures were needed. Gamilla volunteered to help while Mr. Punch worried about the safety of his family. Punch also wanted to be a good host and see that his guests were being cared for. Unsure why Robert was forbidding him to leave the suite, Punch wanted answers and Robert finally caved and told his companion about the death of the Countess Hamish. To make matters worse, Charles found the Duke’s stolen jewels in Gerard’s pocket. Everyone realized that Gerard had been framed, but as the realization the two murders and a bizarre theft had taken place in his house, he was even more anxious.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Mrs. Pepper, Georgie and the girls tried to comfort the two ladies. Lady Lensdown was in a state of shock, but Lady Constance was almost hostile in her grief. Finally alone, Lady Constance called out for the Baron who greeted her with an accusation.

As we ended the week, Gamilla was about to finally confess that Ellen and Finlay had terrorized her and that she felt the duo was behind all of the mayhem at the Grange. However, this confession is going to start the very chain of events that Gamilla most feared.

Furthermore, Baron Lensdown finds himself caught in a strange position. He’s got to answer to his lovers: Lady Constance, Finlay and Ellen and his wife as well as try to find a way for his own personal plans to come to fruition. His rash and desperate action will endanger quite a few people.

Ellen is enraged, and becomes quite irrational. But, did she murder the Countess in addition to Mrs. North? Or, was it the work of another villain? We’ll soon see. Make sure to come back for the next chapter of Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square. This is going to be an exciting week, so, you won’t want to miss a chapter. If you do, you can always catch up in the Chapter Archive

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