Monday, September 10, 2012

Figure of the Day: Lady with a Cage, 1758-1759

Frankenthal, Germany
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Made in Frankenthal, Germany, in the mid Eighteenth Century, we have this attractive hard-paste porcelain figure which has been vibrantly painted in enamels. The work of the Frankenthal Porcelain Factory, the figure was modeled sometime between 1758 and 1759 by the firm’s chief modeler, Johann Friedrich Lück (1727-1797). The piece was sold in 1760.

A figure of a young woman dressed in her best country finery, she’s holding a bird cage in her right hand while the bird sits upon her left. Whether a commentary on freedom or just a pastoral figure, the work is the perfect example of mid-Eighteenth Century porcelain.

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