Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obscure Book of the Day: A Coloring Book in Honor of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

This coloring book was found recently in an antique store somewhere in North Texas. I had to have it. Obviously published in 1953, the book commemorates the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and is filled with very attractive line drawings of the Queen, Prince Philip and scenes from Britain.

Only a three little sections have been colored by some child over fifty years ago—and even those were done without commitment. The back corner of the book is torn, so I can’t see who the publisher is. However, something struck me immediately as being very odd…

Some of the captions on the line drawings are, well, just wrong. Tower Bridge is called “London Bridge” and other errors immediately pop out. I knew that the book couldn’t have been published in Britain. So, I took a very close look at the torn corner and the words Akron, Ohio, “Printed in the USA” are very faintly visible in teeny tiny print.

Still, it’s a jubilant, fun, wonderful thing and it makes me happy.

Let’s take a look inside…

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