Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Card of the Day: The Royal Scepters

The thirty-ninth card of the 1935 Silver Jubilee Series by the Churchman Cigarette Compaby continues the examination of the Coronation Regalia by reinforcing the importance of the Sovereign’s Sceptres. Again, we see the Sceptre with the Cross and the Sceptre with the Dove.

The Sovereign’s Royal Sceptre with the Cross, as I pointed out yesterday, is placed in his or her right hand at the Coronation, while the Sceptre with the Dove is placed in his or her left.

Let’s take a closer look at the Sceptre with the Cross (St. Edward’s Sceptre). Six enameled curves spring up around the top. The four larger ones clasp the great drop-shaped Star of Africa (Cullinan I) diamond. The great amethyst orb at the top is surrounded by a jeweled band with an arch of gold, rubies, and diamonds and is surmounted by the cross patée which is thickly set with diamonds, and a large emerald at the center. Collars of gems and enamel flank a smooth portion meant to serve as a grip, and the end is encrusted with gold, enamels and jewels.

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