Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Object of the Day: A Trade Card for Diamond Dyes

Click on image to just dye.

“It’s easy to dye with Diamond Dyes,” says the front of this handsome, colorful and nicely-drawn Victorian trade card.

It’s also, apparently, easy to bring mayhem and terror to your home. You see, this little girl has decided to dye not only her unsuspecting doll, but also, a truly horrified kitten. But, this is what happens when you leave your toddler alone in a room with a bowl of red dye and a cat.

At some point, one must wonder why this child’s mother (or nanny, more likely) thought it fitting to leave the girl with the clearly-labeled bowl of dye. Or is it dye…?

Let’s assume that it is.

The girl seems quite pleased with the destruction she’s caused. Take a close look at her eyes. This isn’t her first time at the rodeo. She’s dyed other toys and household pets before. She’ll do it again. Oh, yes, she’ll do it again.

Just give this girl a slapstick and she’d be in business.

The card was published, I should note, by The Forbes Co. of Boston.

Let’s see what the makers of the dye want us to take away from all of this.


They have no equal! 

New Colors 

Fast Stocking Black, Turkey Red for Cotton
Brown for Cotton. One package of the Stock-
ing Black colors four pairs of Cotton Stockings
a rich, fast Black that will not crock,
     The Brown and Turkey Red are new discoveries , and are the
best Dyes known for those colors on cotton.

Sample cards and full directions for dyeing all kinds of goods,
Coloring photographs &c., and making inks, wood stains, bluing,
&c., &c., sent free by the proprietors.
WELLS, RICHARDSON & CO., Burlington, Vt.
For Gilding or Bronzing Fancy Articles USE 
DIAMOND PAINTS Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper. Only 10 Cts. 
Compliments of 
STEARNS & BAKER, Druggists, 
73 W. Milwaukee St., JANESVILLE, WIS.

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