Friday, February 21, 2014

Unusual Artifacts: Punch and Jack Ketch, the Hangman, 19th C.

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Here’s another hand-colored “magic lantern” glass slide from the set of twelve by Theobald & Co. This one depicts Mr. Punch in jail, being confronted by the hangman, Jack Ketch. It is number eleven in the set.

The following text accompanies the slide during a magic lantern show:

Punch: Oh dear, Mr. Hangman, I didn’t mean to do it, you wouldn’t hurt a poor old man like me. Take that nasty looking thing away, it makes me feel sick. I shan’t enjoy my dinner.

Hangman: Well, Mr. Punch, you deserve to be hanged, but I did hear this morning that the baby is getting better, and you may get off after all, but don’t you never go and do such a thing again. Now off you go quick, here comes the Bogie man.

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