Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twas the Night Before Christmas, 2013, Stalking the Belle Époque Style

Twas the night before Christmas, about 10:30
When Joseph was nestled next to his Bertie
The two had packed a nice Christmas hamper
With goodies to bring to "Grandma" and "Grandpa."

The Bertie Dog was snoring like a freight train
And Joseph was dreaming of George the Fifth's reign
Within the dim house the chandeliers glistened
And though he was sleeping, Bertie still listened.

When out from the porch, they heard some faint scratching,
And they both wondered what Stumpy was hatching.
Through the window, they saw a bloke with a hunch,
And knew at once, it was their dear Mr. Punch.

"You there, my Chum, with the face sort of pale,
Did you know that your poor cat has no tail?"
With a soft blanket and a pat on the head
Our dear Mr. Punch made Stumpy Cat a bed.

And as he came inside, that puppet so wise
Said, "Merry Christmas to my two favorite guys.
And just so you'll know how sure I am of that,
this year I brought you a big orange cat."

"I call him Oscar and oh, he's a pip.
Keep him well fed and drunk on catnip.
Let him know that he's safe with a bit of a snuggle
So, he can forget, that he once had a struggle."

"See...Doggies and kitties and fat fishes that swim,
Horses and lizards, and big monkeys so grim.
Why! Even you humans with all of your hair,
Must always remember that someone should care."

With Joseph's sure nod and a wag of Bert's tail,
They retired to share a glass of wassail
And finding that no one still has such a drink
They gobbled fine cookies 'til they could not think.

And then, back to bed, sure that nothing could fail
Bertie, Punch, Joseph, Oscar,  and the cat with no tail
Knew that they should wish, from their heads to their socks,
"Yes, Happy Christmas, to all, from Stalking the Belle Époque."


Shawn said...

Sorry that I am a few days late with my comment, but that was a lovely poem!! Just fantastic!! Hope a Happy Christmas was had by all. Oh! And, I, just so you know, DID have Wassail this year!! :)

Joseph Crisalli said...

Thank you, Shawn!