Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

In celebration of July 4th, Bertie, Mr. Punch and I will be taking the day off tomorrow.  As you all know, we (meaning I) have been quite busy of late, so, I think a day spent in quiet celebration will be just the thing.

We will return to the usual posting schedule on Monday, July 8th with all manner of Punchy goodness as well as a "Gratuitous Bertie Dog Picture." 

Of course, we'll also have a new chapter of Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square as we see Gerard struggle with his thoughts in trying to decide whether or not he should give Lennie the letter from her biological father.  As the week ends, we'll be gearing up for Gerard's and Gamilla's wedding.  I have a feeling there will be some surprises pre-nuptials.

If you've missed any chapters, you can read a summary of each as well as get a link to the full chapter in the Chapter Archive.

We'll see you tomorrow!  Here's wishing all of our U.S. friends a very Happy Fourth!  And, to our friends in the rest of the world...have a great Thursday!

Original Image:  

Libération. La Fayette, Nous Voilà, France, 1944, Secrétariat Général à l'Information (issued by), Color Lithograph, Gift of the American Friends of the V&A; The Victoria & Albert Museum.

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