Friday, July 12, 2013

Drawing of the Day: Capsize -- To Upset or Turn Over Everything, Eighteenth Century

Comic Illustration from the George Speaight Punch and Judy Archive
"Capsize -- To Upset or Turn Over Anything"
Eighteenth Century
The George Speaight Archive
The Victoria & Albert Museum

This comic illustration from the Eighteenth Century is entitled “Capsize: - To Upset or Turn Over Anything.”

Now part of the George Speaight Archive at the V&A, this illustration depicts a fit-up which has been overturned as the puppeteer is being attacked by a clearly disgruntled audience member.

The following caption accompanies the scene:

'There, I told you I'de ge you von/ if I cotebed you making game/ o'me agin' 
'Vy they ar'always taking us off'

I’m not sure what this all means from a satirical standpoint, but we get the gist of it.  As Mr. Punch is often the voice of the people and makes his fun of political or social newsmakers, the attacker  here must surely have taken umbrage at being the "punch line."

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